Hello, hello, hello fish

My family in the aquarium tunnel
My husband and daughter at the aquarium

Can you imagine being face to face with a shark? Here is my husband and daughter 14 feet under water with sharks swimming all around them. It was Ladybug’s first time at an aquarium, and Underwater Adventures is a pretty intense fish tank. Various creatures swam over our heads, and my little one stared wide-eyed at it all. This was a long way from  Lucy Cousins’ Hooray for Fish! We read that board book so many times that it fell apart before she turned two.  Those fish were bright and colorful.  They rhymed or alliterated.  It was pure toddler fun.  This tank was full of the real deal.  Sharks.  Stingrays.  Turtles. Octopus.  I was worried that my toddler might be scared.  But she wasn’t a bit afraid.  More like fascinated.  It was even better when we got to the Rainbow Reef, where the colorful fish live in a coral reef.  She also spent a good bit of time watching the seahorses in the new Seahorse Kingdom.  But my favorite part was the touch pool.

In the tide pool

Hands on!

We’re big Eric Carle fans here, and I think Ladybug will have a new appreciation for Mister Seahorse and A House for Hermit Crab now that she has seen these creatures up close!   I started a running list of titles related to ocean life and aquariums, and I’d love more suggestions–especially toddler titles.


Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

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