One week later, 3.1 miles still feels like a marathon

Last week at this time, I’d already ran a marathon.  Or that’s the way it felt.  Really, it was the Highland Fest 5k, and I ran/walked it in 43 minutes.  I was absolutely thrilled with my time.  It may have “only” been 3.1 miles, but it was a huge step for me to even attempt such a thing, much less finish in under an hour.

To be honest, it still seems unreal that I ran a race.  I’ve never been much of an athlete.  I love to take walks, but they are generally more of the leisurely stroll sort of walk.  Not the get-in-shape type.  As a result, I’m not exactly what you’d call “in shape.”  However, I turned thirty this year, and I’m a mom now.  That changes things.

I strongly want my daughter to grow up in an active household.  I want her to see me walking/running/moving and to know that I value those things.  Maybe in a few years, she’ll be running the 1k Kids Fun Run after my 5k.    For now, though, we play at parks and take lots of walks.  And, of course, we read books.  One of our favorite “active” reads is a classic: Eric Carle’s From Head to Toe.  It really is the perfect toddler book.  It’s repetitive, colorful, and energetic.  We love it!

There are more great opportunities to bounce, dance, hop, etc with the books on my working list of active picture books.  It’s a great start to our new active lifestyle.

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Author: Mindy R

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2 thoughts on “One week later, 3.1 miles still feels like a marathon”

  1. I didn’t know you were doing that 5K, or I would’ve joined you. Every fall, my job holds a 6K around Rice Lake in Maple Grove, and I’ve participated the last 5 years. I’d invite you to do that with me, but I think it’s employees only. Last week, I ran around that lake twice, just to make sure I could still do it.
    Anyway, good for you.

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