Moving and not having internet

I haven’t been online much lately.  We just moved into our new place, and we’ve decided to hold off on getting the Internet for a bit as we get settled.  Thank god for free wi-fi at the library.  :)
I’m here picking up a book for my daughter: Rosa’s Room.  I’ve been having trouble finding books about moving that fit our needs.  We didn’t move very far.  She didn’t change schools or lose friends.  She wasn’t at all reluctant to move, and most of the books dealing with kids moving are about losing friends, being the new kid at school, or reluctance.  I have yet to crack open Rosa’s Room, but I am hoping that the focus on decorating a new room will speak to my Ladybug.  We’ve been doing a lot of decorating lately, and I will definitely be posting about it.
In any case, we’ve been reading more about transitions in general with the hope that it will help with Ladybug’s transition to the new apartment.  One of her repeat requests is Sophie’s Big Bed.   It’s an adorable look at a toddler’s gradual decision to sleep in her new bed.  Ladybug likes to jump in with the repetitive phrases, and she seems quite triumphant at the end when Sophie chooses her new bed.  On the practical side, I like that the book is built with toddlers in mind.  We have a couple from this series, and both are small for lap sharing with thicker pages for toddlers ready to move on from board books but perhaps still a bit rough for regular books.
I’m off to check out Rosa’s Room.  Stay tuned for pictures of Ladybug’s room.

Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

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