What I did two Fridays ago, or what’s new in children’s books

There is no better way to get to know a publishing season than to present at a conference about the newest in children’s books.  As a result of my part of a presentation about summer and fall titles that tie in with K-8 curriculum at the MEMO conference two Fridays ago, I feel like I have a pretty good feel for the science and math titles recently released.  A few themes I noticed:

The hardest part of the presentation was choosing the books.  By which I mean, cutting down the massive list of books the three of us had initially chosen.  Forty-five minutes seems like a good amount of time, but it is only about a hundred books.  We, of course, could talk about books all day.  In all those books, though, there were still some blank spots in my spreadsheet.  I could have used more math books at the 3-5 level.  I would also have loved to include a few books about human anatomy or nutrition.  And where were all the space/astronomy books?  I’ll be looking for them next season.

2 thoughts on “What I did two Fridays ago, or what’s new in children’s books

  1. Hey Mindy. Sorry I missed the MEMO presentation–I love your book highlights. Thanks for giving people a heads up re: Zoo Animal Mysteries. And I think you’ll find some of the topics you were missing in the Capstone Spring 11 list.–Amy

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