Winter in Minneapolis

Brownie and Pearl See the Sights by Cynthia Rylant

Winter in the city.  It looks so adorable in Brownie & Pearl See the Sights.  My three-year-old laughs at how even the birds are wearing their winter hats too, and I think about how neither the birds nor the title characters appear to be shivering at all as they walk on a snow-lined sidewalk from shop to shop on a winter day.  I do a lot of walking and a lot of waiting at bus stops, and I doubt it looks nearly that cute.  I have my old pink coat, the hat my mom crocheted for me, and totally inappropriate shoes as I have yet to get myself out to buy a pair of boots.  Six years of living in Minnesota, and I still find myself unprepared for winter.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love it though.  The first snow, in particular, is practically a holiday in my family.  We walked and bussed and played outside with a new zeal just a few Saturdays ago when Minneapolis was doused in snow for the first time this year.  All that snow seemed to bring with it a special energy.  I don’t think it was just us.  It seemed like it was everyone.  It felt magical to me.  I especially liked the part when we were all back inside drinking hot cocoa.

I guess winter in the city is a lot like in the book.  Here’s hoping our winter is as adorable as a children’s book.

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