I think we might be homeschoolers now…

Ladybug happened to receive a My First Sticky Mosaic Art Kit for Christmas, and she was eager to try it out.  I guess I wasn’t that enthusiastic about an art kit; I tend to prefer my art more let-the-spirit-flow-freely.  But she was so excited that I was swept up in her enthusiasm for the project.  It wasn’t until I was looking at the photos I snapped while she worked that I noticed why she must have liked it.  The peeling of the stickers and matching the shapes is a lot like the work she did at the Montessori preschool she attended until recently.  This actually inspired me to find more Montessori-style activities for her.  Just because she isn’t in preschool anymore doesn’t mean we can’t “homeschool preschool.”


I currently have Montessori Play and Learn and  Teaching Montessori in the Home checked out from the library.  Will report back on how useful they are.

Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

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