I am not one to get upset about “iffy” content in children’s books.  I didn’t see the big deal about the word “scrotum” in The Higher Power of Lucky.  I think that the word “jackass” in It’s a Book is hilarious.
There’s always a but.
Coyote Solstice TaleI did roll my eyes a bit at Coyote Solstice Tale.  I was hoping that this anti-consumerist holiday picture book would be a great way to talk about what’s really important about holidays with my little one, but this small sized picture book didn’t exactly have a childlike tone to it.  Then as the Coyote character was frantically buying gifts for his friends, my exasperation reached its peak as he picked out a vibrating chair for his friend Beaver.


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not looking for the book to be pulled out of the children’s section.  I was surprised and a little annoyed that the book was so obvious in its attempt to appeal to adult humor when kids were the supposed audience.  I’ll keep looking for that perfect holiday picture book that isn’t about getting presents or Santa Claus.  Coyote Solstice Tale wasn’t for us.

Now if we could just convince the parents who think The Higher Power of Lucky or It’s a Book are so terrible to say ‘It’s not for us.  You decide if it’s for you.’  Perhaps the world would be a better place.

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