Spot-on Saturday at the Walker

We arrived at the Walker Art Center just in time on Saturday afternoon.  “Milly and Tillie” was just about to begin.  The performance, part of the Free First Saturday program, was put on by Open Eye Figure Theater, and it was fabulous.  Read: my three-year-old loved it.  She clapped enthusiastically, and sometimes spontaneously in the middle of bits she really liked.  As we filed out of the cinema with the rest of the crowd, we talked about our favorite parts. Hers: “when they danced silly.”  For me, it was the tribute to the imagination.  Not to mention, watching the kiddo enjoy herself.   According to Open Eye’s web site, “Milly and Tillie” will be playing throughout July.  I highly recommend it.  Here’s a taste:

We also enjoyed the art activity of the day, which involved using a word wheel to find our inspiration.  Ladybug spun vigorously, and she landed on “Jumping Lunchbox,” which she found quite hilarious.  This is what she came up with:

Kudos to the Walker for such a great program!  Sometimes the activities and shows are too complex for my preschooler, but this one was spot on.  She woke up this morning asking if we could visit the Walker again, and Milly and Tillie are her favorite new friends.

We can’t wait to see what the next Free First Saturday will bring!

Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

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