Giving Books

Tonight we met a friend for a playdate at the park to give a belated birthday present to the newly turned three-year-old.  A few days ago, Ladybug and I sat in the children’s section at Magers & Quinn trying to decide on what book to get her friend.  We went back and forth on what to get until we finally found one we both liked: Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep by Mo Willems.

Time to Sleep, Sheep the SheepYou can’t really go wrong with Mo Willems.  I love that his books are simple enough for preschoolers to “read” themselves before they can read.  The simple illustrations always manage to convey so much expression in bright colors.  Willems gets preschooler humor as few others do.  Ladybug always cracks up at the sight of the horse going potty in Time To Sleep, Sheep the Sheep. She likes the “twist ending” and the repetitive names.  She’s been calling me “Mama the Mama” since yesterday.  :)

I like the fact that Cat the Cat and all her friends are cooperating with bedtime.  Well, except Owl the Owl.  But I hate to give away the “twist” at the end of the book….

There are several more in the Cat the Cat series, and they all make great gifts for preschoolers.

Do you give books as gifts?  What are some of your favorite books to give and why?  Join the discussion on Facebook.

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