Untethered and hopeful

I know this blog ends up being mostly about the stuff I do with my kid, and I’m okay with that.  But I would say that a very important part of family life is what we do without the kiddo.  Ladybug happens to be spending a long Memorial Day weekend with my parents, so Chad and I have had several days to spend on our own.  What did we do with our kid-free time?  A bit of spring cleaning, a lot of friend-time, and music.

The highlight of which was Dream Crusher.  Last night was the kick-off party for their summer-long residency at Cause.  They played three sets of their lovely instrumental music that I have heard described as “untethered and hopeful.”  Or as Vita.mn said, “They do not crush dreams, they make them possible.”

See for yourself in this video from Media Octopus (It isn’t the show last night, but it’s the same venue):

Most Sunday nights this summer at Cause.  Don’t miss them.

Author: Mindy R

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