Finding Inspiration

Are you living life to the full?

The Ghost's ChildI guess I’ve been exploring this question lately without really thinking about it. It started with a simple fable: The Ghost’s Child by Sonya Hartnett.  This slim novel was published for teens, but the subject of looking back on a life as an old woman hardly seems to have teen appeal.  It did, however, have Mindy appeal with its magical exploration of happiness. Beautiful.

How to Become a Famous Writer Before You're DeadIt wasn’t long after I finished that book that I picked up Ariel Gore’s How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead.  It was just what I needed.  Gore, the writer/zinester behind the Hip Mama zine, gives plenty of practical advice about getting published, but she also boils it down to the most basic of basics.

Do you have a story to tell? Tell it.

Do you want to publish it? Do it yourself if you have to.

Do you want people to read it? Get out there and promote the hell out of it.

Her tone is encouraging and persistent.  I could not read this book without being inspired.   Here I am, hitting the “publish” button and planning for more.

Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

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