David Bazan at the Uptown Apple Store

 David Bazan’s Curse Your Branches is one of those albums I am always coming back to.  The heartfelt lyrics tell of a spiritual awakening.   Many of the songs reference the Bible, and not generally in a positive way, as we follow down a path of doubts and uncertainty.  He sings, “wait just a minute, you expect me to believe, that all this misbehaving, grew from one enchanted tree.”  I imagine that not everyone will be able  relate to the album with the theological quarrel playing out in the lyrics, but I did.  I know many who’ve lived the questions brought up in Curse Your Branches.  It is highly recommended for anyone with a questioning soul.

This evening Dave Bazan, touring for his latest album, Strange Negotiations, made an in-store appearance at the Uptown Apple Store.  He played a few new songs to a sweaty crowd (there was no air conditioning, only fans and free bottled water).  He answered a few questions from the audience, including what kind of questions he hopes he will get when he asks if anyone has any questions.  As usual, my three-year-old was front and center:

Read more about David Bazan in this NPR article: David Bazan: Fighting His Consience.  Or read about the new album in the Paste Magazine review.

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