Happy Surprise! Or, My Friday Night

I arrived home from work on Friday evening to a couple of surprises.  I noticed the first surprise right away: Ladybug was at Grandma’s.  The second surprise was related to the first: We won tickets to see Communist Daughter and Me & My Arrow that night at the Loring Theater.

Gimme Noise asked why readers would want to see the show, and Chad responded with this comment referencing the recent broken bones suffered by band members Shon Troth and Brian McDonough:

“Because I’m the one bringing wheelchairs and prosthetics to the accident prone Me and My Arrow boys…..”

And he won.  :)

The venue was lovely and rather intimate.  It seemed to prompt Communist Daughter front man, Johnny Solomon, to a certain candor in his banter.  He spoke of past relationships, his sobriety, and looked to the singer at his side saying “I’m gonna marry this girl” before breaking into the next song.   It was a great show, and I highly recommend catching their next live performance if you can.  Here’s what you missed this past Friday:

It was my first time seeing Me & My Arrow play live, and it was very cool.   The 9 piece band had plenty of room to spread out on the stage at the Loring Theater.  McDonough’s crutches were front and center on the stage, but they played a great set regardless of the injuries.  (Seriously Minneapolis, please start seeing bicycles, skateboarders, and pedestrians!)

I’m looking forward to the Pizza Luce Block Party, which features both of these bands as well as several other local favorites.

Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

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