Genrebeast #2 Recap

Thank you to everyone who supported Genrebeast #2 last night.  Special thanks to Chad Stanley and Gus Watkins (of Hot Ashes (remember him from this post?)) for organizing the event (& letting me hawk zines) and Ryan Ott (of I am MN Nice) for hosting.

Musically speaking, the show was a wild success.  Dewi Sant opened the show with indie folk/rock.  This was the highlight for me.  I highly recommend checking out their music.  Citypages said this of Dewi Sant’s record,

“a collection of shuffling folk-pop confessionals that dresses up Morris’s simple strumming and plaintive, subdued tenor in beautiful accouterments (most prominently cello, pedal steel, and some lovely female harmony vocals).”

Listen here.

FDR was up next with hip-hop.  He played an intense and personal set to a small, but enthusiastic crowd.  I highly encourage you to check him out at Honey in Northeast Minneapolis on Thursday, August 18th at 10p.m. for This One’s For You.  It’s free, which is always a plus. :)

Chad Stanley, curator of last night’s event said this of FDR,

“He raps about relationships and personal improvement in the face of alienation.  One thing is for sure: He believes in rap, and when you’re watching him perform, he makes you believe in it too.”

Listen here.

 Grant Cutler, from Lookbook and other projects, played electronic ambient music as 2012.  Cutler spoke about 2012 in a Citypages interview from last year in which he said,

“I guess the music is supposed to put you in a meditative state or something?  It’s not supposed to feel lonely really, more contemplative? Third eye kinda shit.”

Give it a listen, and see where it takes you.

The Idle Hands completed the night with their brand of rock.  Citypages described it this way,

“We know that idle hands are the devil’s playthings, but since when did being Satan’s toy involve making wry, catchy pop music? (The devil works in mysterious ways.) Regardless, the Minneapolis band the Idle Hands channel their muse by splicing angular new wave and jangly Britpop, twisting in bits of Wire and Bowie for a sound that’s both immediate and timeless.”


Thanks to everyone who bought my zines.  For those who are interested, they are now available online. 

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