Red Hot Art, some highlights

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Red Hot Art festival in Stevens Square Park.  We primarily went to see Fort Wilson Riot, which is a local duo comprised of Jacob Mullis and Amy Hager.  Ladybug was impressed by Amy’s ability to play the trumpet and the keyboard at the same time in this song (video is not from the festival):

We also saw other cool stuff.

Ladybug’s picks:

  • Lolamade Monsters – We saw these at the Lyn-Lake fest, and these cute little monsters still caught her attention as we walked by.  I appreciated the idea that the artist offered as Ladybug ooh-ed and aah-ed at her work: put one of these friendly monsters under your bed to scare away any scary monsters that might take up residence there. Sounds like a parent hack if I ever heard one.
  • Doo’s Oddistuffies – The costume wingalings were quite the attention-getter from Ms. Ladybug.  After all, one of her career aspirations is butterfly.  We took a card, and we may be re-visiting this shop next Halloween. :)

Costumes and monsters are cute, but the mister and I were more interested in the work of Chuck U.  His illustrations are intricate and surreal in a way that combines my taste with my husband’s, which isn’t always easy.  I think it is almost certain that we will be shopping here.

MPLS.TV has some more highlights in this MPLS Minute video:

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