Exploring our Origins (Books for Secular Families)

“You are older than the dinosaurs. Older than the earth.  Older than the sun and all the planets.  You are older than the stars. You are as old as the universe itself.”

These are the opening lines of Older Than the Stars by Karen Fox.  What better way to make the subject of cosmology kid-friendly than to start with a discussion of age.  When you’re a kid, “how old are you?” is an important question, and this book starts by turning this question into a mystery.

From those opening lines, the book continues  with a cumulative rhyme in the style of “This is the House That Jack Built” that is accessible even to my preschooler.  There are also fact-boxes with more straight-forward information about the science of the big bang and the formation of the earth on each spread, which makes the book appealing to kids up to second or third grade.  The illustrations match the text well.  They start off kind of chaotic and gradually they come to resemble things we recognize.  This book is my first-round pick for talking to kids about where we come from.  Here is a peek inside, courtesy of the author’s blog:

Some secular families may appreciate Born With a Bang by Jennifer Morgan, which covers similar information.  Some secular readers may not be totally comfortable with the first person narration, from the perspective of the universe, in this book.  For others, though, reading science like a story is what finally makes science “click” for them.

Looking for more curriculum connections to astronomy and cosmology?  School Library Journal has lots of great book suggestions in “Off We Go, Into the Wild Black Yonder.”

More book recommendations about religion and science on the For Secular Families page.

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