What princesses can do

A conversation between Ladybug (now 3.5) and me while playing pretend:

Ladybug: You be the princess.

Me: Okay. What do princesses do?

Ladybug: They dance with the prince.

Me: Bummer. I wanted to save the day.

Ladybug: Rescue Man saves the day, but you can help him if you want.


What happened since Halloween (when fairies saved the day) to change her perception of what women can do?

I just put Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munch on hold at the library.  Best princess book I can think of. Books are how I handle issues like this. How do you address it?  (Or maybe you don’t?)  Input and opinions welcome! :)

Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

7 thoughts on “What princesses can do”

  1. It’s difficult to find a movie or book with a princess that doesn’t get rescued. Disney used the plot device excessively. It’s also drives the action in Star Wars and The Princess Bride. It’s even in Shrek – which purports to be an anti-fairy tale. Why don’t you tell your daughter we live in a democracy, and that many brave men and women fought hard to keep royalty out of the United States?

  2. Check out Princess Pigsty, by Cornelia Funke. The princess decides she would rather sleep with pigs and help in the kitchen then do princess things.

  3. Shannon, I haven’t read Princess Pigsty, but I have a similar book by the same author, Princess Knight, out from the library now. Unfortunately, it’s a bit long for me 3 year old. I’ll have to try again in a year or so.

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