Choosing Science Books (Books for Secular Families)

Children’s book reviewer, Danielle J. Ford writes in A Family of Readers in a chapter about science books for kids,

“One of the most valuable contributions a book can make is introducing children to the community and practice of science. A focus on facts alone might reward inherent interest in the subject, but it can be only a partial view of how science actually functions.”

Do you want to show your kids that science isn’t about facts as much as it is about investigation and curiosity?  Ford recommends books that include portraits of scientists, like the Scientists in the Field series.  My colleague offers a look at a few books in this series in a recent post on Books in Bloom.  She writes,

“Each book in the series follows real scientists as they seek to understand a specific topic in biology, zoology, earth science, astronomy, and more.  Authors and photographers follow real scientists out in the field, showing that science is more than cold laboratories and white coats.  Doing science is dirty, strenuous work, and can sometimes be very disappointing.”

Pair a title or two from that series with Turn it Loose: The Scientist in Absolutely Everybody by Diane Swanson for the ultimate in inspiration.  Swanson profiles various people who use scientific thinking (observation, prediction, etc.) in their careers.  Some are scientists (Marie Curie and Charles Darwin, for example) and some are not (Dr Seuss and Wayne Gretzky).   Swanson would have us believe that we are all scientists, and if we can keep our inner scientist alive, we can do amazing things.  I can’t recommend this book enough.


More book recommendations about religion and science on the For Secular Families page.

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