Secular teen in a secular family

In my latest post for Books in Bloom I mention Girls Don’t Fly in a post in which I highlight books that have something to do with birds, but the most interesting thing about Girls Don’t Fly, at least on Secular Thursday, is that it was clearly (but fairly subtly) about a secular family living in a religious area.  Early in the book, the narrator makes a comment about having to work on Sundays because the religious kids in her Utah town aren’t supposed to.  Later, she starts researching about birds in the Galapagos Islands and learning about evolution.  The book even has a classroom scene where one of the religious kids questions the teacher about evolution.

Here’s what I said about it,

“My bird-related pick for teens takes us to the Galapagos Islands.  Well, almost.  Girls Don’t Fly is actually about Myra, a very practical teen who decides (after getting dumped) that maybe she doesn’t want such a practical life after all.  Suddenly she’s quitting her job and competing (against her ex) for a scholarship to spend the summer studying birds in the Galapagos.  She didn’t know she had it in her, but the more she learns about birds, the more she realizes how much the birds she wants to study really suit her.  This realistic novel will appeal to middle and high school girls who like Sarah Dessen and Deb Caletti, or who just like a story about a girl learning to fly on her own.”

It;s chick lit, sure, but with a bit of a twist.  It would be a good choice for girls in secular families looking for a book that reflect their experience.  There aren’t many to choose from, and this is a good one.


More book recommendations about religion and science on the For Secular Families page.

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