Science vs. Myth

Yesterday I listened to a fascinating discussion on MPR’s Midmorning between two Christian guests who held differing views on the validity of the existence of Adam and Eve in light of recent science.   I was reminded of a passage from Dolphin in the Mirror by Diana Reiss, which I am currently reading.  Reiss begins her science memoir about her work with dolphins with several examples of dolphins in myth.  She writes,

“Mythologies do not account for the origins of people or dolphins in the way that scientific theories do, but mythologies tell us something about who we believe ourselves to be, our values, and our place in relation to all the other creatures of nature.  Mythologies are, in a way, and expression of that Delphic counsel: Know Thyself.”

Read about Reiss’ really fascinating work with dolphins in this Scientific American article.


More book recommendations about religion and science on the For Secular Families page.

Disclaimer: The above quotation is from an ARC I received through my employer. Book link is an Amazon Affiliate link.

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