Life in this City

“Lulled by rumble, babble, beep,

let these little children sleep;

let these city girls and boys

dream a music in the noise,

hear a tune the city plucks

up from buses, up from trucks . . .”

–from “Manhattan Lullaby” by Norma Farber in Sky Scrape/City Scape

We may not live in a high-rise building in Manhattan, but we do live in a city.  Our city, our neighborhood, has its own lullaby, which is a bit of a controversy among some residents.

It is rarely quiet on our block.  The nearby park offers a steady beat of basketball bounces accented by the squeal of swings and lots of child-like laughter.  They constant stream of pedestrian traffic keeps us connected to our neighborhood through the snippets of conversation and laughter that float up to our windows.  This sort of noise is among my favorite parts of city life.

We don’t live close enough to the night-life for which our neighborhood is known for me to comment directly on that issue, but I will say that if you take picture books as the gauge of what city life ought to be, a high level of noisiness should be expected. :)

Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

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