How to be 3rd Grade

I love Radiolab.  I was thrilled to hear that one of the co-creators of Radiolab, Jad Abumrad, was recently named a MacArthur Fellow for his “distinctive new aesthetic” to science journalism.  This morning he spoke with Kerri Miller on Minnesota Public Radio about his work with Radiolab and his connection to science.  I was particularly intrigued with something he said the way to encourage a stronger interest in science is to engage people (especially kids!) in the process, in the failures, in the disappointments that come before the end result.  Too often our perception of science becomes about results.

I think there are some great children’s books about science that illustrate the process behind science.  I mentioned the “Scientists in the Field” series in my recent post about choosing science books, and I must bring it up again as an example of a window into science that shows more than just the results.

Since most of what I know about science either comes from Radiolab or children’s books, I found the podcast in which Jad and co-host Robert Krulwich talk about their effort to “Be 3rd grade” pretty amusing.  Apparently third grade is the last time people remember enjoying science.

Let’s all follow Radiolab’s example and be 3rd grade.

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