Friday Finds: New M83, Jeffrey Eugenides, Jose Saramago, and more

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  • M83 has a new album out: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.  Popstache says: “If M83 (aka Anthony Gonzalez) hadn’t deliberately put together his forthcoming double album, slowly fusing styles and influences from his past efforts while carefully experimenting in newfound territory, it might have perfectly scored Spike Jonze’s fantasy film, Where The Wild Things Are.”
  • Jeffrey Eugenides, author of Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides, has a new book out as of this week: The Marriage Plot.  I am number 432 on the library waiting list.  I  will blog about it someday.
  • Jose Saramago’s distinctive style doesn’t suit everyone, but his newest novel certainly has an interesting setting.  Cain re-imagines the Bible story of Cain and Abel.
  • I blogged about Girls Don’t Fly a few weeks ago in a Secular Thursday post.  It is available as of this week for your reading pleasure.
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Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds: New M83, Jeffrey Eugenides, Jose Saramago, and more”

  1. I agree! I’d love to have a Little Free Library on my block. We get a ton of pedestrian traffic too, so it might be a good spot. But I can’t see spending $350 on one. It might be cool to get a group to go in on one though if you knew your neighbors and could get them excited about it too. :)

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