Monday Morning Music with Fort Wilson Riot

Wondering how to pronounce Fort Wilson Riot’s new EP, Generation Complex?  Or maybe their rock opera, Idigaragua?

It was like school on Pam Without Boundaries on KFAI this morning with local musicians Jacob Mullis and Amy Hager this morning as they took on the big questions of pronuncation that will help us to look like local music experts when we get it right.

It’s no secret that I love Fort Wilson Riot–I’ve mentioned Jacob and Amy’s band a couple of times before, and here I am talking about them again.  I hate to play favorites, but I just can’t help it!

I am loving the new single, “All the Little Things” which starts sweetly then “rapidly progresses into darkwave dance territory” as the Brooklyn Rocks blog puts it.

I am also excited about the double split EP release party this Saturday at the Triple Rock Social Club with Phantom Tails.

Phantom Riot is likely to be a local music highlight of our year.  Don’t miss it.

To bring it all together: If you are wondering how to pronounce the word “orangutan” (as Pam was on the radio with Jacob & Amy) check out Phantom Tails’ contribution to the MN Music 4 Kids cd that benefits Children’s Hospitals“The Orangutan Song.”  Good music, good cause.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Music with Fort Wilson Riot

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