Monday Morning Music: Birthday Edition

Hey, everyone! It’s my birthday this week. :)

Here’s my birthday request for you:  I know there are many, many good causes out there, but I’m asking you to remember to support the arts–especially local arts.  Consider contributing to these Kickstarter projects (or use the search feature to find projects in your own community!):

  • Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles are looking for funding for a new album.  They say, “We’re hoping to release this baby in late April 2012 and then tour it all around the country in the summer and fall. We want to share our music with as many folks as possible, so as part of this kickstarter we’re hoping to raise funds to promote the record in print and radio in the places we visit.”
  • Communist Daughter & Moving Walkway Productions want to make a music video.  They say, “We – Moving Walkway Productions — are making a music video for a remarkable band called “Communist Daughter.” Although they have been around the Minneapolis scene, they are on the verge of going national. In order to provide that all-important rockin’ video as a public face, they need a high quality music video to show their stunning talent.”
  • The Desert Vest is hoping to release their debut album. They say, “The Desert Vest is an alternative rock trio from Minneapolis. We are hammering out our debut album. You may have seen our name on many local lists of bands to see or heard samples of us on the radio. Our progress as a band can only last for so long without a tangible album.”

And because I can’t resist anything children’s book related, I must include this:

  • Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think is a project by Minneapolis artist that will put this Dr. Seuss quotation in lights along the Stone Arch bridge for the Northern Spark Arts Fest. She says, “My project will light the Stone Arch Bridge with the theme of Northern Spark, a short quote by one of my favorite authors and artists, Theodore Geisel, known to most as Dr. Seuss. The phrase THINK AND WONDER, WONDER AND THINK will span both sides of the bridge in the form of illuminated sign text and will be on display for the week leading up to the festival, turning off at sunrise on the morning of Sunday, June 10th.”  You might have seen Robin Schwartzman‘s children’s book inspired work around town before.  Ladybug and I encountered it at a family program at the Walker Art Center last year.

I’d love to see Dr. Seuss in lights, and I think Robin Scwartzman is just the artist to make it happen.

Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Music: Birthday Edition”

  1. The “Think and Wonder” idea is brilliant! (pun intended) I’d love to see the arch bridge lit up with that saying. I hope the artist learns to spell her favorite author’s name correctly, though (no “E” at the end of “Theodor”).

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