Friday Finds: Mormons & Fairy Tales

I actually haven’t been online much this week, which is kind of a nice break from my usual.  But it wouldn’t be Friday if I didn’t share what I’ve found for the week, so here goes:

  • Everybody already knows I’m an MPR geek, so I won’t hide the fact that I’ve been excitedly listening to The Daily Circuit all week.  I’ve been loving the new show!  In particular, I thought the discussion of Mormonism was very interesting “(and eye-opening for me).  The show’s blog also linked to some controversial topics they didn’t really get into on the show.
  • I also happened to read a couple of related blog posts.  First, Sellabit Mum‘s post Mormons Exposed, which isn’t nearly as scandalous as the title makes it seem, has a really great conversation about what matters (kindness, love, peace) between mother and daughter. Then, Wendy Thomas Russell takes on bigotry and how that relates to religion in a very interesting post on her blog Relax It’s Just God.
  • Are fairy tales really too scary?!  This study says that parents think so.  Book people on the internet (like the librarian who blogs at Waking Brain Cells) say no.  I’ve written before about the power of fairy tales, and incidentally, that post is easily the most popular post on this blog. So people are interested at least, right?


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Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

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