Looking closely in my neighborhood

I feel like I spend a lot of  energy advocating for Uptown.  That probably sounds strange to people who know Minneapolis.  Uptown is a vibrant neighborhood, full of shops and restaurants. Most people probably think “night life” or “hipster” when they hear Uptown, and they wonder why I’m talking about it on a blog that is mostly about family life.

What I tell people is this: Look more closely.  You might be surprised at what you see.  My Uptown is for families.  It is for hidden treasures.  It is for statements.

Three free ballons

These sweets are all over the neighborhood if you look.


You can find more photos from in and around Minneapolis on my photoblog.

What do you see in your community that other people miss?  What makes your neighborhood or city a good fit for you?

2 thoughts on “Looking closely in my neighborhood

    • I have to admit that I thought we were going to be the odd ones out being a family with a young child, but we have gotten to know so many other families via the park or the library. It’s great! :)

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