Out with the old

Last weekend I watched neighbor kids try on my daughter’s too-small shoes and jackets.  Moms ooh-ed over Ladybug’s old dresses, and I was just happy to watch our no-longer-needed things go to new homes.

Of course, some items found their way back to our home.  Chad plucked a necktie out of the Neighborhood Swap with the question “Isn’t this the tie I got married in?” much to the amusement of the people browsing nearby.  The tie came back home with us–along with a book (The Paper Princess–watch for a Picture Book Preschool post on it soon), a couple of issues of High Five magazine, an ABC floor puzzle, and a doll house.

I’d love to say that our closets are clean.  After all, I took several trips from my apartment to the Swap throughout the day with more to add each time.  But I guess I’ll settle for “cleaner” and put in my vote for another Swap later in the summer while I peruse Minimalist Parenting for inspiration.

You can find more photos from in and around Minneapolis on my photoblog.

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One thought on “Out with the old

  1. A neighborhood swap – what a great idea and so environmentally-friendly. Never heard of one of these. Wish someone would organize one of these near us in the ‘burbs of Boston…perhaps I should add it to my to-do list… hmmm.

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