Monday Morning Music with Communist Daughter

An NPR segment has people reminiscing about their parents’ record collections, and it is probably not a surprise to anyone who knows me, but I am feeling nostalgic.

My parents didn’t have a record collection, but country radio played in the background of my childhood.  I know the stereotype of country music is something about heartbreak and dead dogs, but that isn’t what I remember.  I remember songs about small towns, tractors, and farming, and family.  It didn’t mean much to me as a suburban kid, but it meant something to my parents who stuck to their small town roots despite being forced to live closer to the city for their jobs.

They say you always have a soft spot for the music of your family, and for me, it is certainly true. I find myself strangely drawn to songs that speak of my parents’ past, that mysterious time in their lives before they were mine.

The latest video from Communist Daughter, a Minneapolis indie-folk band, takes me to the country.  It’s not quite what my parents would listen to, but I wonder what they would think of it.

Here is “Speed of Sound.”  Enjoy.

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Author: Mindy R

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