My Neighbor’s Garden

When we moved into our house, I told myself I would plant a garden.  That’s one of the biggest perks of having a yard, and I love garden-fresh produce.  It’s tasty.  It’s good for the environment.  Why is everyone not gardening? I thought.  Despite these thoughts, a garden never seemed to materialize.

Then we down-sized to a yardless apartment, and I enthusiastically researched ways to use my limited space to grow my own food.  I daydreamed about window farming for a while before I moved on to the much more realistic idea of having a simple herb garden in my window.  Totally do-able, right?

We are just starting our third year in our apartment, and I have no plants at all, much less a garden of any sort.  I can’t help but think about my lack of garden every time I walk by the small raised-bed garden in the tiny patch of green in front of my building.  Good on you, neighbor.  Maybe next year, I’ll try that too.

Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

One thought on “My Neighbor’s Garden”

  1. Come on, garden! You can do it. I spent the past 4 summers in an apartment (not counting this one), and for three of those years, I had tomatoes and other produce growing out on my deck. The fun thing about keeping your garden in pots is that you can tell people you have a pot garden.
    But yourself a basil plant and snip off a leaf for your salads and pastas. It’s a good start. Plus they’re hardy plants, so you don’t have to baby them.

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