Playing Games (Ready for Kindergarten)

As promised, this month’s Ready for Kindergarten theme is “Games.”  What’s so great about games?

  • Board games and card games teach social skills like following rules and taking turns.
  • Guessing games and riddles help kids make connections and think creatively.
  • Many games reinforce concepts like color recognition, counting etc.
Playing hopscotch at the MN Children’s Museum’s Our World exhibit

I feel a tiny bit hypocritical writing this post because I… well, I’m probably never going to pull Candy Land (possibly the only kids’ game we own) out unless my daughter really wants to play.  Are there adults who really relish kids’ games the way I love kids’ books?  Perhaps.  But I will admit that my interest in child oriented entertainment does not really extend to board games.

I do, however, play lots of silly games as I ride the bus with my daughter or wait in lines.  I Spy and Rhyme Time are great ways to pass the time, teach skills, and sometimes amuse people sitting near us on the bus. :)

My favorite game to play with my preschooler is “What if?”  I usually start with a random question–say, What if we were tiny like the Littles?–and we speculate together on how our lives would be affected by the situation in the question.  I like the think that this game stimulates her creativity and helps her look at the world with different eyes.  Perhaps when she grows up to be an innovative thinker, she will point to the What if? game as her inspiration for her life’s work of inventing or creating.

And just because I can’t help bringing books into everything, I’ve started a list on my wiki for picture books that are guessing games or interactive in some way.  Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments of this post.  I’ll be sure to add them to my list!

What kind of games do you play with your kids?  Do you play with skills or school readiness in mind? 

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Author: Mindy R

I'm a librarian, writer, book reviewer, etc.

2 thoughts on “Playing Games (Ready for Kindergarten)”

  1. I agree about Candyland et al., but I actually do enjoy some of our games for young children. Stone Soup (matching), Race to the Treasure (grid/paths/beginning strategy), and other cooperative board games from Peaceable Kingdom are excellent–they have games for the preschool set. I think you might also like story cards, which I reviewed at my blog last year ( Oh, and Haba’s game Orchard is really good, as are Ravensburger puzzles.

    1. Thanks, Molly! I will definitely check out some of those games. And the story cards seem really cool. I like your son’s idea of making your own. :)

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