Monday Morning Music with Stars

I love Stars.  Set Yourself on Fire was the soundtrack to most of 2005 for me, and their latest is on my must-listen list for sure. But can it live up to SYoF?  NPR’s First Listen reported,

“With so many sounds and styles to run through, The North takes a little while to unpack, and its thematic intentions are generally a little cloudier than on its greatest albums, 2005’s Set Yourself on Fire and 2007’s In Our Bedroom After the War. But, like all the band’s work to date, it rewards exploration with moments that alternately swoon, seethe, swing and paralyze.”

I will concede that “can it live up to SYoF?” is probably the wrong question to have in mind as I listen to one of my favorite bands’ latest album. Am I the only person who feels nervous listening to new work from artists I love?  I want to like whatever they have created, sure, but I also get caught up in wondering about their creative process.  How did they move past their previous success to complete this new project?  Then I will probably seek out Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk on the topic.  Perhaps I am procrastinating that first listen?  I really couldn’t say.

In any case, this is “Theory of Relativity” from The North, released on Sept 4, 2012.


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