For library lovers…

houseattheendI picked up The House at the End of Hope Street with the wish to read something out of my ordinary.  In this novel, Alba is a studious young woman who is at a difficult spot in her life.  That’s when she finds a magical house at 11 Hope Street.  It’s a charming novel that will appeal to readers who don’t mind a bit of fantasy mixed with their contemporary issues, especially if you’ve got a soft spot for libraries.

“Also, she hasn’t been to the library in nearly a month and she’s starting to get withdrawal symptoms.  It’s not just books Alba craves, it’s standing inside a place that houses millions of them.  Libraries are Alba’s churches, and the university library, containing one edition of every book ever published in England, is her cathedral.”

If libraries are your churches, you might like this book.  :)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  A portion of any purchases made from these links may benefit this blog.  Thanks for your support! :)

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