Friday Finds: New (and new-to-me) Music

Books and music have always been my two main interests, but I end up talking & writing about books a lot more, especially online.  As least for today, I’m changing that.  Here are four bands I’ve discovered recently:

  • speedyOne evening this week I heard a song on Radio K as I drove home.  It turned out to be a song from Cool Choices by S, a former member of Carissa’s Wierd.  Anyone else remember Carissa’s Wierd?  Anyway, I’m loving the Cool Choices record.  Read more about it and stream some of it here.
  • A couple of weeks ago, I happened to catch Brilliant Beast play at the Kitty Cat Klub, and I liked their  dream-pop/fuzz-pop sound.   Read about their 2013 record, Where Do You Want, here.
  • I wrote about Falcon Arrow last year.  If you liked them then, you will want to check out their latest record, Tower, which came out in August of this year.  Read more about their “acrobatic” record here.
  • When I first heard Speedy Ortiz, I thought: the teenage me would have loved this band.  I guess I haven’t changed that much because I am crushing on it pretty hard even now. Read about them here or catch them live here.

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