For Parents & Educators

Much of this blog is of interest to parents, teachers, and librarians.  Here is a breakdown of some posts that may be of particular interest to those who have or work with young children.

Picture Book Preschool – this series shares some of the books and activities I have done with my preschool-age daughter.

Sidewalk Serendipity – Features Easy Street by Rita Gray and an engineering/road construction activity

How to Cat-Sit – Features Take Care, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas and a literacy activity

Exploring Maps – Features Miles to Go by Jamie Harper and a map activities

Kite Day – Features Like a Windy Day by Frank Asch and science activities about wind

Seasons Go ‘Round – Features Red Sings From the Treetops and seasons activities

Simple Addition – Features math titles and activities

Exploring Colors – Features Tana Hoban’s Colors Everywhere and several related activities

Getting Past 10 – Counting to 20 with books & songs

Seeing Symmetry – Features Loreen Leedy’s Seeing Symmetry and activities

Window Watching – Features Passing By by Yona Tepper and a scavenger hunt

Ready for Kindergarten – A series that started when my daughter turned four.  Each month has a theme that relates to school readiness.

January 2012 – Create a Reading Space

February 2012 – Use School Tools

March 2012 – Language Fun

April 2012 – Number Fun

My Parenting Community – A series of guest posts from parents I know with advice & ideas that work for them and might work for you.

Reading in the Summer: Keep the Momentum Going – By mom/small business owner Melissa Harrison

Creating a Play Space for Preschoolers  – By stay-at-home-mom Jennifer Zimmerman

Including Kids in Exercise – By triathlete Diane Jorgensen

Rock in, Folk Out – By musician Peter Kenyon

Reader’s Advisory – This series is where I suggest books based on what you like.  Some entries in this series have appeal to kids.

If you like… Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt

If you like… Mo Willems

If you like… Laura Ingalls Wilder

If you like… Laura Ingalls Wilder (Part 2)


Other posts of interest:

I Love Evidence – Features some science-based parenting books

Stories Come Alive at the MN Children’s Museum – Discusses the importance of pretend play in child development

World Breastfeeding Week in Books – a few picture books that feature nursing mothers

On reading children’s books – a few children’s books that will affect my parenting

Talking about diversity with kids – how to discuss race issues with children with books

Talking to kids about the tornado – using books to talk about natural disasters with kids

We can’t always see it (or find it), and we don’t always want to talk about it – using books to talk about human rights with kids

2 thoughts on “For Parents & Educators

  1. You have a wealth of knowledge. I spent some time browsing your site. I especially like the teacher/parent section with the activities connected with books. Thank you for stopping by my blog.I’m learning a lot through this Comment Challenge.

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