For Parents & Educators

Much of this blog is of interest to parents, teachers, and librarians.  Here is a breakdown of some posts that may be of particular interest to those who have or work with young children.

Picture Book Preschool – this series shares some of the books and activities I have done with my preschool-age daughter.

Sidewalk Serendipity – Features Easy Street by Rita Gray and an engineering/road construction activity

How to Cat-Sit – Features Take Care, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas and a literacy activity

Exploring Maps – Features Miles to Go by Jamie Harper and a map activities

Kite Day – Features Like a Windy Day by Frank Asch and science activities about wind

Seasons Go ‘Round – Features Red Sings From the Treetops and seasons activities

Simple Addition – Features math titles and activities

Exploring Colors – Features Tana Hoban’s Colors Everywhere and several related activities

Getting Past 10 – Counting to 20 with books & songs

Seeing Symmetry – Features Loreen Leedy’s Seeing Symmetry and activities

Window Watching - Features Passing By by Yona Tepper and a scavenger hunt

Ready for Kindergarten – A series that started when my daughter turned four.  Each month has a theme that relates to school readiness.

January 2012 – Create a Reading Space

February 2012 – Use School Tools

March 2012 – Language Fun

April 2012 – Number Fun

May 2012 – Games

My Parenting Community – A series of guest posts from parents I know with advice & ideas that work for them and might work for you.

Reading in the Summer: Keep the Momentum Going – By mom/small business owner Melissa Harrison

Creating a Play Space for Preschoolers  – By stay-at-home-mom Jennifer Zimmerman

Including Kids in Exercise – By triathlete Diane Jorgensen

Rock in, Folk Out – By musician Peter Kenyon

Other posts of interest:

I Love Evidence – Features some science-based parenting books

Stories Come Alive at the MN Children’s Museum – Discusses the importance of pretend play in child development

World Breastfeeding Week in Books – a few picture books that feature nursing mothers

On reading children’s books – a few children’s books that will affect my parenting

Talking about diversity with kids – how to discuss race issues with children with books

Talking to kids about the tornado – using books to talk about natural disasters with kids

We can’t always see it (or find it), and we don’t always want to talk about it – using books to talk about human rights with kids

2 thoughts on “For Parents & Educators

  1. You have a wealth of knowledge. I spent some time browsing your site. I especially like the teacher/parent section with the activities connected with books. Thank you for stopping by my blog.I’m learning a lot through this Comment Challenge.

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