If you like… Tree of Codes

I have long been infatuated with the possibilities of books as art.  Book artists have created landscapes and origami and all sorts of other interesting pieces out of books that create something new from something old.  Jonathan Safran Foer did this with his book Tree of Codes, which took an already existing book and carved a new story from it.

In I Saw a Peacock with a Fiery Tail, illustrator Ramsingh Urveti brings an old poem to modern audiences by breaking from the usual.  Though this is a picture book technically speaking and it will certainly find a place in classrooms, it is not just for kids.  This is a book for poetry lovers of all ages, for design geeks, for artists.  It is a truly lovely look at what a book can be.

Read (and see) more about the book on Brain Pickings.

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Friday Finds: John Green, The Snowy Day, and Book Landscapes

Book stuff:

  • First and foremost, John Green’s new book was released this week.  It is amazing.  I highly recommend The Fault in Our Stars.
  • Not Just Cute wishes The Snowy Day a Happy Birthday!  She also talks about diversity in children’s books. (As a side note to this, Twin Citians can explore a real life version of The Snowy Day in the Storyland exhibit at the MN Children’s Museum, which I blogged about here.)

My kiddo at the MN Children's Museum

Music Stuff:

Other Cool Stuff:

  • Books aren’t just for stories.  They are also for art.  These carved book landscapes are really amazing.

  • So far this winter has been very different from the Snowpocalypse that we survived last year.  This year we have to experience the magic of winter vicariously through Science Friday’s Winter Photo Contest.  I’d forgotten just how lovely a snowy winter can be.   (On a related note to teen librarians: teen fiction with snowy scenes on the cover might make a fun display.  I have just such a list on my wiki!)