Friday Finds: Bullying, Breast Cancer, & Are You Local?

First some serious links:

  • I avoided reading the Rolling Stone article “One Town’s war on Gay Teens” for days.  It kept popping up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, and it was never a good time to read what I knew would probably make me cry, so I would scroll past.  I finally clicked one afternoon on my bus commute home from work.  I did indeed cry a bit, but that isn’t terribly unusual for my commute reading.  Later this week, I picked up an advance copy (via my employer) of The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to Their Younger Selves, and I was tearing up again. The bus is an emotional place for me! :)
  • Breast cancer has been in the news with the whole Susan G. Komen Foundation/Planned Parenthood controversy, but I’d like to point you to the person who helped me get beyond the pinkwashing.  Susan Niebur, who blogged about mothering with cancer at Toddler Planet, passed away on February 6, 2012.  I never met her personally, but I’ve been following her blog for a long time.  She had a rare type of breast cancer that doesn’t present with a lump.  If you want to make a difference, consider donating to Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

And the less serious link:

  • Voting for the Are You Local? best new band contest has opened.  Listen to the songs by some great MN bands, rate them, and the winner goes to SXSW.  Some of my favorites bands (& people) are on the nominee list.  Check them out!

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