Exploring Colors (Picture Book Preschool)

It’s been a while since my last Picture Book Preschool post, but Ladybug and I been busy with lots of fun books and activities.  My plan is to post Picture Book Preschool entries on the second Tuesday of each month.  Enough of the housekeeping, here’s the fun stuff:

Colors are everywhere, and, let’s face it, they are pretty basic to my four-year-old.  She’s been naming colors in English and Spanish (thanks to her Abuela) for at least a couple of years.  Now what?

One of my goals as a parent is to show my daughter that things don’t get boring once you know them.  I want to her know that they get more interesting as they get more complex.  In the spirit of delving deeper, I checked out Tana Hoban’s Colors Everywhere from my local library to explore the different shades of those familiar colors.  The concept book encourages kids to look closely at the photographs to find the colors graphed according their their appearance.  It’s more than a book–it’s a matching game that introduces colors as they appear in our world, all mixed up.

We paired it with Bill Martin Jr.’s A Beasty Story, which shows how dark colors can feel in a not-so-scary story of mice exploring a dimly lit house.  Then we sorted the various tints and hues from paint chips into color collages for a hands-on activity that gave us more of a chance to talk about how colors make us feel.

We also read Etienne Delessert’s Full Color, which talked about mixing colors, but I tend to be reluctant to try messy activities (though I recently found this mess-free finger painting actvitity via the Hippie Housewife that we will have to try).  If you are braver than I am when it comes to paint, you might want to check out this post on The Artful Parent that uses the book Color Dance.  I think our next project will be a color treasure hunt with a re-purposed egg carton via Create Studio.

For now, though, this music video via Sesame Street & OK Go is a must-watch for kids and their parents.

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