Happy Halloween (only a little late…)

I know it’s a bit late to be posting about Halloween, but I hate to let such a great experience go unblogged. ;)


My little fairy coloring a picture in her costume at a local Halloween event.


My little fairy girl had a fabulous Halloween.  She didn’t remember last year, so it was new all over again, which made it all the more exciting.  As usual we started with books from the library.  We read J is for Jack o’Lantern.  This book is part of the alphabet series from Sleeping Bear Press, which I like because they work well on multiple levels.  I usually just read the verse aloud, but the sidebar text is there for me to explain if necessary.  We also read Celebrate Halloween.  Another series I really like.  It is written for primary grades, but it is easily simplified for my preschooler.  The photographs were particularly interesting to my little one.


Alice the Fairy by David Shannon


Since she chose to be a fairy this year, I also thought it would be fun to read about fairies.  Mostly I just wanted to get beyond Tinker Bell.  I wanted my girl to see herself as a fairy. So we got Alice the Fairy from the library, in which a girl wearing a fairy costume talks about all the fairy things she can almost do.  Like turning oatmeal into cake with her magic wand (and a lot of sugar).  It was funny, but still mostly over my almost-three-year-old’s head. Somehow, though, my girl got the idea that fairies are heroes because when asked what she was, she would respond, “I’m a fairy, and I’m here to save the day!”
I had great intentions to make her costume this year.  I even had a book from the library that had simple fairy costume instructions that looked like something I could attempt.  But a co-worker of mine suprised me by offering her now-college-age-daughter’s old fairy wings and dance outfit, which made the perfect costume for my girl.  Thanks, Karen! :)

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