Father’s Day, Observed

Today is Father’s Day (Observed) in our family.  Ladybug and I went out this morning to buy her papa’s present: a bike taillight.  She drew lots of bicycle wheels on the card to celebrate bike riding.

Since this blog is primarily about books, I thought I’d share some of our Father’s Day picks as a way of celebrating here.  Ladybug calls her father “papa,” so here are a few books for the kids who have a papa:

  • Pigs Love Potatoes by Anika Denise – This is a particular favorite in our house.  It is a counting book and also a peek into a happy pig family, in which there is a mama and a papa.
  • Little Loon and Papa by Toni Buzzeo – This is a cute story of paternal guidance with a father loon helping his little one overcome his fear.  Visit the author’s web site for activities to go along with this book.
  • Piglet and Papa by Margaret Wild – This Australian import is about a little pig who wonders if her papa still loves her after she plays too rough.  It’s a great choice to reassure little ones of parental love.


Hope everyone had a lovely Father’s Day yesterday!