Thank you, hands

My little artist made her hand-shaped turkey last weekend.  I tried to emphasize a feeling of gratitude this Thanksgiving with the book All of Me: A Book of Thanks by Molly Bang.  It says,

“What great hands!

Thank you, hands.

for gripping

and throwing

and patting and holding.

And for hugging.”


Also, thanks for being turkey-shaped. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

While everybody else was eating turkey yesterday, we were eating tofu curry.  Today while everyone is either shopping or buying nothing, we will be digging into our turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

Regardless of the day, though, gratitude is kind of a big deal.  Christine Carter, of the Greater Good Science Center, said of gratitude in Raising Happiness:

“Appreciation is one of the most important ways that we can teach our kids to form relationships with others.  So much of our human relationships are about giving, receiving, repaying–the stuff of connection.  Expressing gratitude acknowledges just how deep those connections run.”

You can learn more about how to start a gratitude practice with your children in this podcast with Christine Carter and Rona Renner as part of the Happiness Matters Project.  For me, the take away point is that expressing gratitude is a skill–something to be learned, something that we need to model for our children.  In particular, this means not getting impatient when your child doesn’t know what to say or repeats the same rote thing every single time.  Don’t give up! (I’m saying that to myself.)