The Family Friendly Northern Spark

Last year, I experienced Northern Spark via Twitter while my three-year-old slept.  This year, we went out for a family friendly version of the all-night art fest.

We found ourselves at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts at dusk, where we found a Palace of Wonder in the courtyard.  My four-year-old’s eyes went wide at the sight.

We went inside to find HOTTEA‘s “Letting Go” inviting us to lie on the grass and stare up.

I asked Ladybug what she felt when she looked up at the yarn hanging from above, and she said it felt like day time has taken over night time.

By the time we went back outside, it was definitely night time, and there were all sorts of interesting things to experience.  Music, sounds, mirrors, and light outside MIA and MCAD all invited us to “Think and wonder, wonder and think” (Dr. Seuss).

We were home, and my kiddo was in bed, by 11 p.m.  I hope we shared a bit of what we love about art, music, and Minneapolis with our little one.  Frankly, next year I want to send her to Grandma’s house for the night, so my honey and I can experience more of Northern Spark.