Friday Finds: Loose Ends, Mustaches, & Creativity

Local Love:

Thoughts on Creativity:
“The creative process, and the creative life, is mostly full of moments between the idea and the being done, the spark and the blazing fire, the shimmering magic and the finished piece. We’re always living in the gap between our vision of what could be and what might be, and what is.”
  • This video looks at what deadlines can do to creativity.  You can’t rush art.
And it’s all about me:
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Local love

I love Minneapolis.  Other people love it too.  Here’s the video to prove it:

Why We’re Here: Twin Cities from Seven and Sixty Productions on Vimeo.

With all the possibilities around the world, what is the “it” that keeps people here in the Twin Cities? We suspected the answer to the question “Why We’re Here” was both simple and incredibly nuanced — worthy of art. We took our camera to the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul to find people willing to talk, unscripted, on film. The result is our collective love poem to the Twin Cities.

Why We’re Here: Twin Cities is a six-minute film that explores what unites us, and unites us here, in the Twin Cities. Filmed on location the spring and summer of 2010 in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, the film features an original score by John Munson of the New Standards, the Twilight Hours, Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare, camerawork by Adam Olson and editing by Sam Heyn.

Visit to post your response and tell us, with all the possibilities that exist in the world, why you’re living where you do.

Produced in association with the Minnesota Culture Club. Visit them at

I’m a Minnesotan by birth, but I didn’t spend much of my childhood here.  Somehow I found myself in the Twin Cities as an adult, and I’m not planning to leave any time soon.  I’m not sure when it happened, but this has become my home.  I feel a Twin Cities pride when I read books like Julia Gillian and the Art of Knowing and see familiar places pop up (including Magers and Quinn, Our Kitchen, Bryant Hardware, and Quang).  I feel excited to take friends or family who visit to my favorite restaurants (Pizza Luce, Nick and Eddie, or one of the many sushi places around here).  And let’s not even start on music.  Okay, fine.  We have POS, Gospel Gossip, Red Pens, HighTV (my partner’s band).  We are always finding great new local music or, in my partner’s case, making it. :)

It’s been a long winter.  I think everyone is ready for spring.  But I can still manage to feel nostalgic for the almost-winter described in Sister Mischief, an upcoming YA novel by Minnesota native Laura Goode:

Fall is a heady apple-tree season in Minnesota; the sinking feeling of winter hasn’t quite sunk, and the wind is aromatic with embering pumpkins and unpacked quilts and dirty, wet red leaves and a distinct, immodest scent of anticipation veiled over it all.

The quote is from the ARC, and the book doesn’t come out until July of this year.  I tried to wait to post it, but I was too enthusiastic to wait any longer.  The book, much like Julia Gillian, is a love letter to the TC.   I might be a bit biased to liking it given my affinity for the area.  With that in mind, I’m recommending it to you.  :)

I’m also recommending Minneapolis.  If you need more reasons to love it: Citypages offers 50.