Social Media & Me

Science Books for Kids
Some of the books from my MEMO presentation

A couple of Fridays ago, I was preoccupied with my part of the MEMO conference.  I had books on the brain–as I usually do–but everyone else seemed to have technology on their minds (and at their fingertips).  Most had some kind of device ready to tweet with the conference hashtag.  There was a keynote address on social media in education, and I attended another session on social media for librarians and a session about e-publishing.  Frankly, it was exciting.

I hear from a lot of people about social media being all about what people had for lunch or other mundanities.  And yeah, that’s part of it.  But that’s not it.

For me, Twitter has been about connecting with my colleagues.  I follow a lot of librarians, teachers, and others related to education.  I’ve been working behind the scenes in the library field for the last few years, and the connections I’ve made help me keep current.  It isn’t the same as being in a library or a classroom, but I love being able to look over the shoulders of my colleagues.

There are so many ideas out there.  I am grateful to those who are blogging their ideas, to the people who pin or tweet the posts, and to the readers of this blog for considering my ideas.  Seriously, thanks. :)

I would also say, though, that I think there is value to tweeting about your lunch.  It’s fun and personal.  That’s part of connection too.  :)

My dinner after the conference.

What does social media do for you?  What do you want it to do?

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