Getting back on the bike

A couple of weeks ago, Ladybug suddenly acted too scared to go fast on her bike.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I was more than a little frustrated to be going backward in her bicycling confidence, and I was not particularly graceful about it.

Later that day, I happened to be re-reading parts of Raising Happiness, which I mentioned in this post about bedtime rituals, and a situation that very closely resembled mine was discussed briefly in the book.  My response, almost verbatim, was the example of what not to do.

Mom Fail.

Ladybug will ride her bike again this weekend.  Maybe she will have regained her confidence.  Maybe we’ll be the snails of Lyndale Avenue.

I’ll just take a deep breath, and try for the patience I lacked last time.

P.S. It’s a great weekend to be a cyclist in the Twin Cities!  Saturday you can get free bicycle helmets at the Mill City Farmers Market, and Sunday is Open Streets Minneapolis.  Don’t miss it! :)

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