A Sad Story & Songs to Match

ourchemicalIf you’re looking for a happily ever after, that was my last post. This one is about Our Chemical Hearts, or to be more accurate, it was inspired by Our Chemical Hearts.

Readers know going in that Our Chemical Hearts isn’t a Happily Ever After kind of story. The marketing material that arrived with my advance reader copy listed “10 Things You Need to Know about Our Chemical Hearts” with the number one point being “The book you’re looking at is not a love story.”
This is the book for when you want to cry and remember how love can consume you completely and then spit you out. So if you’re looking for tragic romance, this is the book for you. And if you don’t fall in love with Henry Page before the book is over, you are a different person than I am. ;)  The other side of the promo piece had a playlist of break-up songs for every stage of grief from Alanis Morrisette (anger) to Gloria Gaynor (acceptance).  Honestly, when you’re through with the sad story of Henry Page and Grace Town, you’ll probably need the playlist to help you through.

suggestedtunesYou may recall  that I’ve posted about break up songs before with a rather embarrassing story about a break up from my past and my break up song of choice (Bjork). I won’t repeat that here, but I will offer a choice from the Our Chemical Hearts playlist from the “Bargaining” section. Here is “Goodbye Goodbye” by Tegan and Sara:


Monday Morning Music with Dolly Parton

dumplin“All the best things in my life have started with a Dolly Parton song.”

So begins Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy, which is easily one of the best teen novels this year, in my opinion.  Willowdean Dickson is a girl whose story is well worth being read.  Even if you (like me) don’t have any interest in beauty pageants, give this book a chance.

In honor of Dumplin’ now being available for purchase (and I do recommend you do purchase it), here is some Dolly.

Monday Morning Music with Bon Iver

Forget Grammy nominations.  The real measure of musical success has to be getting your song name-checked in a young adult novel. Unbreak Your Heart is full of music references, Elliott Smith’s Clementine stands out, and among the playlists and song titles is “Skinny Love.”  Bon Iver has made it.

For those of you here for the books: I really liked Unbreak My Heart.  It is a sweet story that delves into the complexity of teenage love and friendship, but what will stick with me in this book aren’t the teen characters. It’s the parents.  I actually got a bit teary as I read one scene in particular with Clem and her parents.  I hope that I can be as supportive and understanding when my daughter is a teenager.

For those of you here for the music: here is “Skinny Love.”

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Monday Morning Music with Supergirl Mixtapes

For me, Supergirl Mixtapes by Meagan Brothers was drenched in nostalgia.  The novel is set in the mid-1990’s–right around the time I was spending hours upon hours crafting the perfect mixtapes for myself and my friends.  I’m a sucker for nostalgia in general, but mixtapes are a particular weakness.

Of course, the “Supergirl Mixtapes” of the title are really just a small part of the story, which is about a girl who moves to New York City to get to know her estranged mother (who just happens to be a punk rocker).  The usual coming-of-age themes are set to a 1990’s soundtrack in this book as Maria is obsessed with Kurt Cobain, her mother idolizes Patti Smith, and Maria’s friend from back home sends her mixtapes full of indie bands, like one of my ’90s obsessions, Veruca Salt.

For your listening pleasure this Monday morning, here is a song that would have a place on any “Supergirl Mixtape” I might put together.

What are your favorite ’90s bands?  

Disclosure: Amazon.com links are affiliate links.   A portion of purchases made via these links earns a commission for this blog.  Thanks for your support!