Happy Birthday to Me

February is a good month for a birthday.  At least here in Minnesota, where it is cold and snowy, it is nice to have a reason to celebrate in the middle of February.  I am grateful to my lovely friends for celebrating with me with music at the Whole on the U of M campus on Friday night.  We just couldn’t resist seeing Now, Now play a rare show at a small venue here in Minneapolis, even if it meant being the oldest people there.  I am not lying when I say that I overheard a couple of students saying “she was at least 30” when talking about weird it was to see a University librarian at a show.  At first, I tried to pretend I was not a 30-something librarian, but then I figured that at least I’m a 30-something librarian with good taste in music. :)

Speaking of my taste in music, Prissy Clerks opened for Now, Now, and they are a recent favorite of mine.  When I first played one of their songs for my husband, he put it best: “I think this is what it would sound like if you and I ever started a band.”  He has a point.  It’s cute and kinda girly, but it’s noisy too.  We like it.

Here is Prissy Clerks performing “No Sir” for Radio K in January 2013: