Friday Finds: Fairy Tales, Social Networking for Librarians, and Weekend Plans

Some cool links for you from my week:

  • Cloaked in Red by Vivian Vande Velde is a collection of short stories that re-imagine Little Red Riding Hood in different ways.

    I’ve loved fairy tales for ages, so I listened to the recent MPR show about them (and their current popularity on television and in movies) with interest.  Did you know that Little Red Riding Hood is about rape?  I did not.  Brain Pickings also has fairy tales on the brain, but they are talking about fairy tales with architecture.  Unexpectedly cool.

  • If you are on GoodReads, you can now follow my reading for the year.  So far I have two books on my 2012 shelf.
  • Speaking of social networks, Pinterest has been a topic of discussion at work as my colleagues have been talking about how they use this visual linkfest, so it seemed appropriate that I ran across this post yesterday: Pinterest for Librarians.
There is a lot going on this weekend for Twin Citians making plans:

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Girls Weekend

Spent my weekend just me and my little one since my honey was out at Soundtown.    We played at the park and the library.  We painted butterflies and our nails.  It was lovely.  Here are a few highlights:

First stop: LibraryPainting is a special treat because I almost never want to do messy crafts, but a girls’ weekend seemed just the right time to throw a drop cloth down “just in case” and let her paint.

My mom buys these workbooks for Ladybug, and she actually really likes to try to write letters.  She’s in such a hurry to do anything that seems grown up.   I’m happy to help her whenever she wants, but we keep it very laid back.   If she just wants to scribble, that’s okay. It wouldn’t be a girls’ weekend without a game of Candy Land. :)

The highlight of the weekend for Ladybug was playing at the park with her friend.

The soundtrack for the weekend was provided by Wonderground Radio, which is non-commercial music for families from Minnesota Public Radio.   It is a great compromise between kid-music and parent-music without alienating either generation.  We love it.

We had a great weekend, but we’re glad to have Chad/Papa back.  In addition to seeing some great live music and camping at the festival, he was there representing Free Arts Minnesota, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of art to transform lives.  It is a good cause, and they are looking for volunteers… :)

That was our weekend. How was yours?

Twin Cities Weekend Picks (July 29-August 1st)

Here are a few events for the weekend that look good to me:

Red Hot Art will be family friendly.  Haley Bonar is too.  Bring the kids!

Have a great weekend, everyone ! :)

The weekend and beyond (July 16th-19th)

With the kids:

Without the kids:
Beyond the weekend:
  • This Monday, July 18th is the beginning of Genrebeast, a new music series at the Nick and Eddie Warehouse that brings together diverse bands because no one listens to just one genre of music anymore, right?  This is definitely worth checking out.
  • On Tuesday, July 19th, the Speak Up and Out Toastmasters group is offering a free one-hour seminar on Speaking Effectively Against the Marriage Amendment at the Hosmer Library.  This is a great opportunity to learn and be inspired.

Your Twin Cities Weekend

With the kids:

Without the kids:

What do to this weekend in the Twin Cities

With the kids:

For the kids:

Without the kids:

Weekend in Tweets: Three crazy days

  • HighTV plays a family friendly show. Or how we all learned to appreciate babysitters even more than we already do. – 10 Apr
  • AdviceToWriters retweeted by readermaid – The act of #writing is an act of optimism. You would not take the trouble to do it if you felt that it didn’t matter. EDWARD ALBEE – 10 Apr
  • chenx064 retweeted by readermaid – Interesting portmanteau word: adultescence. Its meaning is obvious on sight. So is its relevance to society today. – 10 Apr
  • megan_gamble retweeted by readermaid – An hour after first hearing about the fire on Lyndale via FB, only news I can find is still on Twitter. New media, FTW. – 19 hours ago
  • gimme_noise retweeted by readermaid – Our report on the Lyndale Ave fire that threatened Treehouse Records and the Bulldog in Uptown last night: – 12 hours ago
  • I seriously need to get to the library tomorrow. I’ve had no reading material all weekend. At least nothing I feel like reading. #toopicky – 37 minutes ago
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