Reading with a two-year-old

“Where is my moonlet? Where is my little one?” sang my toddler to herself as she fell asleep this evening.  With those words she once again proves that she cannot be predicted. At least when it comes to books.

Rock-a-Baby Band Llama Llama Red PajamaUsually Ladybug goes for fun stuff. Past favorites have included Rock-A-baby Band and Llama Llama Red Pajama.  Pretty obvious choices.  But she can surprise.  I wasn’t expecting Pigs Love Potatoes to be a favorite, but I’m pretty sure that I could recite that one from memory at this point after all the Pigs Love Potatoestimes we’ve read it.  And why not?  It has a fun rhythm, a predictable pattern, and she always seems to find something exciting in the illustrations.  Everything a toddler could want in a book. :)

The most recent favorite, though, is A Lot of Otters by Barbara Helen Berger–an unusual pick for her.  It is a dreamy, mythical story that begins with the questions my Ladybug likes to repeat: “Where is my moonlet? Where is my little one?”  We follow a lost toddler as he (or she–it’s too ambiguous to say for certain) floats calmly in the sea surrounded by playful otters who help him back to his mother.  There is a rhythm to the text, but it is more poetic than some of Ladybug’s previous choices.    I will definitely be adding it to my list of bedtime booksA Lot of OttersWe need more calm options to keep beside her bed.

One of my favorite blogs for toddler titles is Kids Lit.  Tasha reviews books for toddlers through teens, but she posts lots of picture book reviews for the preschool set.  Whenever I want to try something new and interesting, I check Kids Lit.

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