Sidewalk Serendipity (Picture Book Preschool)

(Picture Book Preschool is a series of posts about the books and activities my three-year-old and I are doing to prepare her for kindergarten.)

One Monday afternoon a couple of weeks ago became about sidewalks whether we wanted it to be or not.  Ladybug was glued to the living room window as a construction crew replaced a section of the sidewalk.  She was full of questions about each step of the process.

I don’t know of any picture books about sidewalk construction, but one of our favorite books by Rita Gray seemed similar enough.  Easy Street talks about road construction for kids in simple, rhythmic text.  The focus is on the layers of the street, and we compared the action of the book to what we saw out the window.  The end-note gives more information about road construction, specific to asphalt.  There are some fun ways to teach kids about asphalt that involves chocolate, but our focus was on the layers in the sidewalk and the street so our activity wasn’t quite as sweet as asphalt cookies.

It still involved food, though:

This was our version of the layers in the road.  There is flour on the bottom for the dirt.  Dry beans in the middle for the gravel, and we “paved” our road with crackers.  The layers aren’t totally flat, but I try not to be a perfectionist with Ladybug when we do projects like this.  The point is to have fun and maybe learn something, not to be critical about her attempt to flatten our pretend road.  :)

I got the idea to do this activity from this website, but I just used materials that we had on hand.  See more ideas in this video:

Who says construction books are just for boys?  Maybe Ladybug will be a civil engineer when she grows up. :)

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